June 23: Dr. Emberson & Dr. Burr receive national funding towards their research through NSERC!

A huge congratulations to our director, Dr. Emberson, and our post-doc, Dr. Burr, who have received funding, awarded by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada!

Dr. Emberson has been awarded the Discovery Grant and Discovery Launch Supplement – an investment to scientific innovation and the continuation of fostering research excellence. The funding will go towards the advancement of Dr. Emberson’s exciting research on the Development of the Large-Scale Neural Networks in Infancy. To learn more, read the official NSERC announcement here or read the announcement from UBC Research + Innovation here!

Dr. Burr has been awarded a two-year postdoctoral fellowship to fund and support her research under Dr. Emberson on the same project, The Development of Large-Scale Neural Networks During the First Two Years of Life where the goal is to further understand how infants’ task engagement during short-term learning experiences gives rise to long-term, developmental changes.