June 23: Dr. Emberson & Dr. Burr receive national funding towards their research through NSERC! A huge congratulations to our director, Dr. Emberson, and our post-doc, Dr. Burr, who have received funding, awarded by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada! Dr. Emberson has been awarded the Discovery Grant and Discovery Launch Supplement – an investment to scientific innovation and the continuation of fostering research excellence. The […]

June 3: Dr. Emberson’s ‘Early Career Talk’ and award at the Interdisciplinary Advances in Statistical Learning Conference! Congratulations to our director, Dr. Emberson, who received an award for her fantastic ‘Early career talk’ at the Statistical Learning conference in Spain! She shared a little bit about her experiences in statistical learning research in the context of developmental cognitive neuroscience. Dr. Emberson also talked about her journey in statistical learning research, from her […]

July 7-10 & October 9-12: Our researchers will be presenting at ICIS 2022 and fNIRS 2022! Our researchers, Dr. Sabrina Burr, Dr. Ola Dopierala and Zohreh Soleimani, will be representing our centre by attending and presenting at both the 2022 International Congress of Infant Studies (ICIS) in Ottawa from July 7th-10th as well as the fNIRS 2022 Conference in Boston from October 9th-12th. All three will be presenting their research and […]

April 14: Dr. Emberson hosts ‘Ask A Developmental Psychologist’ Next Thursday, April 21st, Dr. Emberson will be hosting the ‘Ask A Developmental Psychologist’ series Q&A! Please register to join the talk if you are interested in learning more about what your baby can see and hear from birth. For more information, visit the EDRG event page here. Register for the event here! See you […]

March 3: New paper in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience with Sori Baek and Dr. Lauren Emberson Read the article here! Or visit our Publications page to download the PDF! Using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), we conducted the first investigation of infant frontoparietal network engagement as a function of the predictability of visual events. We found that frontoparietal activity and functional connectivity in 6-month-old infants were significantly different when the stimuli were predictable […]

Oct 24: Sabrina, Sori, and Haykaz will be presenting at the Society of fNIRS Virtual Conference 2021! Our lab and our researchers will be attending and presenting at the first large virtual gathering of scientists working with fNIRS around the globe. Dr. Sabrina Burr, Dr. Haykaz Mangardich, and Sori Baek will be presenting at the conference – along with many other researchers, showcasing their latest research. To learn more about the conference, […]

July 24: Wonder Kids virtual talk with Dr. Emberson on ‘How do young babies learn?’ Wonder Kids is a series of virtual talks on the fascinating world of child development, hosted each month through July 2021. Led by the Directors of UBC’s Early Development Research Group – some of the world’s leading developmental psychologists – we invite you to join the conversation on language, learning and social development! Dr. Lauren Emberson, director of […]

UBC Psychology welcomes developmental cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Lauren Emberson Coming back to where it all started, Dr. Lauren Emberson, director of the Baby Learning Lab, returns to UBC—home to her undergraduate experience—as an assistant professor in the developmental area. In a Q&A, Dr. Emberson shares how her experience at UBC set in motion her academic career and current research.