Lab Alumni

Charlotte Brace, BA 2021: Medical School, Rutgers University

Yaelan Jung, Postdoc, 2021: Postdoc, Department of Psychology, Emory University

Felicia Zhang, Ph.D. 2020: Data Scientist, Parachute Health

Tracy Reuter, Ph.D. 2020: Postdoc, Department of Psychology and Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Benjamin Zinszer, Research Associate 2020: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Swarthmore College

Ananya Mittal, Thesis Student 2020: On the Path Fellowship, UCSF Breast Cancer Center

Veronica Carrasco, Thesis Student 2020

Lily Mannion, Thesis Student 2020: MSc Early Child Development and Clinical Program, University College London

Gabriel (Naiqi) Xiao, Postdoc 2019: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, McMaster University

Claire Robertson, Lab Tech 2019: Ph.D., Department of Psychology, New York University

Alice Wang, Thesis Student 2019: Research Associate, Haskins Laboratories, Inc.

Alex Boldin, Lab Tech 2018: Research Analyst, Vera Institute of Justice

Carolyn Mazzei, Lab Manager, 2018: Teacher Training and Support Coordinator, Learning to Talk Lab, University of Maryland